Who we are

We are gamers play Arma to have fun. We do this by focusing on being immersed in the mission. While doing so we laugh, joke, and have a good time.

We encourage realistic role-play, but not to the point of shouting ast each other or insanely boring training and restrictions. We expect our players to know how to play, and to play as a team.

PhanTac is a unique blend that we think allows maxium enjoyment from Arma gameplay. Immersion, Fun, and Realism are our core principals, and Silliness is often one of our signatures as well.

Being able to switch gears from silly to serious is an essential part of playing with PhanTac. People that cherish their own fun over others need not apply.


So you want to Join?

First of all, we’re on Hiatus, so that’s weird. But have at it hombre. Thing is, that regular enlistment button, well its turned off because of hiatus. But feel free to join the Discord and check out the links in the footer as well.